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Jugsar Bubble Slides: Funny Massage Bubble Slippers Review

Jugsar Bubble Slides Funny Massage Bubble Slippers Review

The Jugsar Bubble Slides are an innovative and comfortable choice for those looking for stylish, versatile, and budget-friendly footwear. With a unique bubble design and various color options, these slippers not only stand out in terms of style but also deliver excellent performance and comfort. DoTheReviews brings brief and honest review for Jugsar Bubble Slides slippers.

Jugsar Bubble Slides Design and Features

The Bubble Slides draw inspiration from peanut shells for their unique design, featuring an uneven surface that resembles the shell’s texture. The toe cap of these slides is slightly inclined at 35 degrees to relieve pressure, balance friction, and facilitate free movement.

The slippers are composed of lightweight, durable rubber and leather materials, delivering a comfortable wearing experience while ensuring deodorizing functions. Easy maintenance is another strong suit of these slippers, with a simple wipe down being sufficient for cleaning.

A standout feature of these slides is the bubble design on the soles. These raised bubbles offer excellent anti-slip properties, making the slides safe for wet environments like bathroom showers or spa areas. The design is not only practical but also adds a touch of fun and whimsy to the overall look of the slippers.

Jugsar Bubble Slides Comfort and Fit

These Bubble Slides are designed with comfort at the forefront. The slippers feature a cushioned, deep insole that offers a soothing massage-like feel for the feet. This unique design promotes a comfortable walking experience. The soles are flexible, lightweight, and durable, providing sufficient support for the foot.

As for the fit, these slippers tend to run a bit small, so it’s recommended to choose the size strictly according to the provided size chart. Also, the material may feel slightly hard at the beginning, but it softens with time and use.


At $19.99, these Bubble Slides offer excellent value for money, given their unique design, comfort features, and durable build.

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