Barks-No-More: A Deep Dive into the Humane Approach to Dog Training

Barks-No-More Review

In the realm of pet ownership, the challenge of managing a dog’s excessive barking stands out. It’s a problem that has led many pet owners to seek various solutions, from traditional training methods to technological interventions. The Barks-No-More device, with its ultrasonic sound wave technology, promises a humane solution. But how does it stack up against the challenge? Let’s explore. DoTheReviews brings you honest and brief review for Bark-No-More device.

Understanding the Barking Dilemma

Barking is a dog’s primary mode of communication. It can express a range of emotions, from excitement and happiness to fear, anxiety, or even boredom. While occasional barking is natural, excessive barking can disrupt households, strain relationships with neighbors, and indicate underlying behavioral issues in the dog.

Historical Methods of Managing Barking

Over the years, various methods have been employed to manage excessive barking:

  1. Training and Commands: Traditional dog training often involves teaching dogs commands like “quiet” or “enough” to curb barking.
  2. Distraction: Using toys or treats to divert a dog’s attention.
  3. Shock Collars: A controversial method that delivers a small electric shock to the dog when it barks.
  4. Citronella Collars: These release a harmless citronella spray, which dogs find unpleasant, deterring them from barking.

While some of these methods can be effective, they often require significant time, effort, and can, in some cases, be inhumane.

The Science Behind Barks-No-More

The Barks-No-More device is rooted in the science of sound. It emits ultrasonic sound waves, which are frequencies above the range of human hearing but within a dog’s auditory spectrum. To dogs, this sound is distracting and slightly irksome. The principle is that, over time, the dog will associate its barking with this unpleasant noise and reduce its frequency.

How Does Sound Affect Dogs?

Dogs have a much wider hearing range than humans. While humans hear sounds in the range of 64 to 23,000 hertz, dogs can hear between 67 to 45,000 hertz. This heightened sensitivity means that dogs are more responsive to a broader range of sounds, including those we can’t hear, like ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic sound, by its nature, is not harmful. It’s merely a sound frequency that’s outside of our hearing range. However, for dogs, it’s a sound that captures their attention and can be used as a deterrent for unwanted behaviors.

Barks-No-More Review

In-depth Features of Barks-No-More

  1. Range: The device can affect dogs within a specific radius, making it suitable for both small apartments and larger yards.
  2. Durability: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s built to withstand various weather conditions.
  3. Battery Life: A robust battery ensures the device functions for extended periods without frequent recharges.
  4. Safety: The device is entirely safe for all pets and humans in the household.

Comparing Barks-No-More with Alternatives

While Barks-No-More stands out due to its non-invasive nature, how does it compare with alternatives?

  • Effectiveness: While traditional methods like training can be highly effective, they often require more extended periods and professional assistance. Barks-No-More offers a quicker solution for many users.
  • Humaneness: Unlike shock collars, which can be painful, Barks-No-More provides a solution that’s free from physical discomfort.
  • Ease of Use: Devices like Barks-No-More are generally easier for the average pet owner to use compared to mastering training techniques or managing refills for citronella collars.

User Testimonials and Real-world Application

Many users have reported significant reductions in their dogs’ barking within just a few weeks. Particularly in multi-pet households, the device has proven beneficial in creating a more harmonious environment. However, it’s essential to note that individual results can vary based on the dog’s temperament, age, and the environment.


The Barks-No-More device represents a significant advancement in the world of pet training tools. Its science-backed approach offers a humane solution to a common challenge faced by dog owners. While no single solution will work for every dog, Barks-No-More provides a promising option for many. As with all training tools, it’s essential to approach the process with patience, understanding, and a commitment to the well-being of our furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barks-No-More?

Barks-No-More is a device designed to curb excessive barking in dogs using ultrasonic sound waves.

How does Barks-No-More work?

The device emits ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans but can be heard by dogs. These sounds are distracting and slightly irksome to dogs, discouraging them from barking.

Is Barks-No-More safe for my dog?

Yes, Barks-No-More is entirely safe and humane. It does not cause any physical harm or discomfort to your dog.

Can I use Barks-No-More for other pets, like cats?

While primarily designed for dogs, the device can also affect cats due to their sensitive hearing. However, its primary function is to deter barking in dogs.

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